Floral Classes at The Mille Fiori

Owner Gina Park began a series of floral workshops for people who, like her, have a dream of starting a floral studio. “I was very lucky to have several mentors when I began my company,” she says. “At this stage in my career, I am also ready to start giving back and to inspire and help other designers just starting out.” Mille Fiori offers two tracks of workshops:

  The Pro Series
  Creative Floral Design.

While both are open to anyone, Creative Floral Design is aimed more at the home entertainer who needs a creativity boost. This class, focused on fun and flowers, is a great way to learn more, meet people and simply have a beautiful day.

The Pro Series
For floral professionals or floral lovers, this three-part series of evening classes takes you from basic skills to advanced techniques.

PLUS! At the end of the series, interested students can go on to participate in our mentor program.

Class 1: Skills, Techniques, Design
Whether this is an introduction to the basics or a refresher course for you, you will get the foundation of floral design technique. This class will cover flower availability, color pairing, prepping floral, and free-form design.

Class 2: Intermediate Design
In this class, design work takes on more structure as we move into the elements of a wedding – centerpieces, boutonnières and bouquets. Also learn more about pricing your work and sales and marketing ideas in line with a budget of a new business.

Class 3: Advanced
The last class in the series offers attendees more advanced design techniques such as large pieces but it also delves into business information. Learn what it takes to start a floral design studio.

Internship or Mentoring Program
For interested students, both programs will be available through Mille Fiori. To be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Creative Floral Design
Discover your inner floral designer during one or more of these four-hour Saturday afternoon classes. During the series, our team of professionals will take you from basic floral design skills.

Learn to:

  Choose flowers for each season
  Shop the flower market
  Create amazing designs from the supermarket offerings
  Prep flowers like a pro
  Understand color palettes
  Use Oasis and other products
  Create your own unique vases

Take home the floral designs you create
and on the last class, attend a fun, cocktail party designed with your floral creations.